About Department of Economics & Development Studies

The Department of Economics is fundamentally the mother of Faculty of Social and management Sciences in any University. From it, other departments and units sprang up and are even still springing up.

The programme is designed to produce well-grounded generation of graduates that can excel in the various sectors and sub-sectors of the economy, such as in industry, commerce, entrepreneurship, banks, mining, academics, etc. The FUOYE programme is also designed to compete favourably with graduates of other Universities both in Nigeria and other Universities around the world. One advantage of relatively new Universities, making them to excel in academics, is that they learn early from the teething problems of older Universities. With the development of technology and ICT, a new University like ours can excel fast. With well-prepared graduates, the nation’s economy will have a boost, the standard of living will improve and there will be better management of the nation’s human and natural resources.

Economics as a programme provides theoretical and practical skills to make our output perform effectively in economics, management, accounting, entrepreneurship, agriculture, banking, etc. The department started with 40 students in 2011/2012 and since then the department of  Economics and Demography have been admitting the highest number of students than the others in the Faculty.

It is planned to have post-graduate programmes such as Post – graduate Diploma in Economics, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D. By this, the department will be able to develop a core of specialists in Economics to match with the first generation departments of Economics which is uncommon in the country. The department thus plans to specialize in the various areas of Economics – Econometrics, Industrial, Labour, Development, Monetary Economics, Public Finance, other areas for the economy.

A Centre for economic analysis and allied disciplines is on the way to assist both students and lecturers. More areas of practical training will be in place. The Curriculum will also be reviewed as and when necessary. The department shall continue to admit only well qualified candidates while the academic staff will be ready to meet the academic challenges of the moment through self-development and staff development programmes locally and abroad.

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